use WhatsApp abroad: avoid cost traps

use WhatsApp abroad: avoid cost traps

Many users use WhatsApp abroad for sharing beautiful snapshots. Here, users should always keep an eye on their data usage. So you keep the WhatsApp costs when traveling under control!

WhatsApp abroad: data connection can be costly

Especially on holiday want to share his experiences as soon as possible. Often the phone is habitually unsheathed and sent a quick message or a video with WhatsApp for Android or other messenger services. Here, the habitual reliance on the usual Internet Flatrate abroad can be quite expensive.

People are used to that Messenger messages are also sent to foreign mobile numbers at no extra cost. Other than for mobile calls or SMS charged transmitter and receiver only the price of the data connection, regardless of whether you communicate across borders. Since most users have data flat rates, are no additional costs domestically.

WhatsApp abroad

But who abroad uses a data connection, taps quickly into a money pit. While there is a statutory cost cap for mobile phone charges in the European domestic, most data rates for roaming are extremely high. Particularly calls on the Messenger can be expensive because there takes place a large data exchange.

Those who want to completely give up the additional fees, should turn off the data roaming and use the internet as well as WhatsApp only with Wi-Fi. This setting does not apply to calls and text messages that use the normal mobile connection. Also, the GPS is not limited thereby.

Right WhatsApp select Settings abroad

Users who do not want to completely give up WhatsApp abroad can significantly reduce the data usage of the Messengers. However, it not only determines its own transmission behavior how much the roaming is claimed. Also, each message received, especially with videos and pictures, affects if necessary to the bill.

Users can determine the settings WhatsApp, which media is automatically downloaded. When roaming users should avoid the automatic download of pictures, audio files and videos. In this mode, only voice and text messages are delivered. All other file formats the user is informed in the chat and the automatic download occurs only when connected to Wi-Fi. And do not worry: Smileys included in the text and are always received, of course.

WhatsApp media turn off auto-downloading

Those who want to turn off the auto-downloading of media to use WhatsApp abroad, can do that in a few steps.
First, you go to the settings of the Messengers and selects the menu item Chat settings. Here the next navigation is done with the media auto-downloading.

WhatsApp abroad Settings

On this point, the user can decide how to deal with different file formats. the settings on the Roaming are crucial for the cost abroad. All tick away here, an automatic media download without Wi-Fi connection is prevented and spared the wallet.

WhatsApp in the download abroad