My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom

With free My Talking Tom Download is a virtual pet in the form of a cat on the smartphone. How to not know the Tamagotchi of times, Tom wants fed, entertained and cared for. Talking Tom repeats what the user speaks into the phone, and there is a range of design options. Small in-game games like Bubble Shooter provide plenty of variety.

My Talking Tom Download for cat lovers

The parallels to the small virtual chick – especially the gameplay on – of course, can not hide. Nevertheless, from boredom or monotonous operations no question in the game app can be. The free Android app My Talking Tom brings not only speaking, but a love needy cat on the smartphone. Particular importance are placed on interactivity developers. So Tom can not only speak, but also shows realistic response to natural needs or if you tickle him or strokes. The virtual Schmusetiger enjoys worldwide popularity, in over 130 countries, the app takes up the top ranks.

My Talking Tom Download

breastfeeding needs of My Talking Tom

As with a real pet, users need to after they’ve adopted Tom to take care of him. So the nuts and bolts must be ensured after the download of My Talking Tom on what he needed. According to the users to hunger, fatigue, the natural need, should go to the toilet, or respond to the desire for entertainment. If you have fed him, talk to him or tickled him, you can look forward to real-life emotions.

My Talking Tom Download needs

Overall, the player must bring through nine stages of growth and subdue 999 Level virtual hangover. In addition, users of Android devices from version 4.1 able to record movies with the talking Tom and share. In addition, you can visit friends with their virtual cats.

In the gaming software raise individual cats

Fortunately, Tom is not the same Tom. Each user has the option to raise his own personal hangover. For that hundreds fur variations as well as clothes and accessories available. Even your own house can be adapted with different furniture own taste.

My Talking Tom download mini-games

Mini-games provide at Tom for a change

So do not get bored between feeding, toileting and sleeping Place, various mini-games are included in the My Talking Tom Download ten. With Bubble Shooter, memory and house the mouse, the gamer can pass the time. Along the way he can so collect gold coins, which in turn open up new possibilities. Talking Tom brings virtual pet on Android Compared to a variety of simulator games from A to Z, these are not a technical or trade simulation. With the game app My Talking Tom users can test their sense of responsibility when it comes to pets. However, you should communicate with children that cats have different needs in reality and fries or strawberries are not on the menu. The integrated mini-games provide the necessary portion of variety. The animation of the cat along with their real-life emotions is very successful.