busuu costs: The prices of the interactive language course

busuu costs: The prices of the interactive language course

The busuu costs hanging in the premium membership from which the period for which the subscription is ordered. busuu Premium is flexible booked for 3 to 24 months. With a longer membership so you can save in monthly amounts. We show the exact prices of busuu subscriptions and betrayed, how to get a small discount. More here!

busuu costs: The price models of the language course at a glance

Those who want to learn foreign languages ​​on a PC or long-lost language skills polish again, uses the busuu app. The interactive language course busuu.com offers the opportunity to learn 11 different languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Russian and Turkish. This is not just a language teacher, but a real social network for language learning, where users help each other in the acquisition of language skills. busuu stands as Android and iOS apps available as well as a browser version as Web App.

busuu costsThe busuu costs depend on the period of paid subscription.

Basic functions and participation in the community are free

Only the basic functions and participation in the community are free with busuu.com. Entry-level courses can be carried out free of charge, but these are not enough beyond the basics. Who wants to use the full tutorial, acquires the paid premium membership and can audio-visual learning material in all eleven languages ​​use, including a built-in video chat. At the end of each lesson the student completed a small test to check your progress. Different exercise variations provide variety in learning. These range from 1: 1 translations to set sorts.

Online learning eleven languages: The cost of individual subscriptions busuu

Many busuu users wonder how high the cost busuu are concrete. This is not the same can be seen at first glance. Digestion is a click on the point premium membership. busuu.com provides four paid subscriptions are available, which differ in the choice of the period for which it agrees to pay. Similar to the membership in a gym monthly busuu costs are lower, the longer the subscription is completed. On a 3-month subscription (32.99 €) incurred monthly cost of 10.99 euros. This plan is ideal for those who want to test the service once thoroughly with all the functions.

busuu cost SUBSCRIPTIONThe busuu Premium subscription costs per month between € 4.99 and € 10.99.

Membership 3-24 months

With a membership of 6 months of language learners pays wages total of € 59.99, just under 10 euros a month. Much cheaper it is for a 12-month subscription, which costs 69.99 euros, an average of 5.83 € per month. Those who want even cheaper, committed for 24 months, and thus pay 4.99 € per month and the total amount of 119.99 €. Another tip: If you initially uses the free basic membership, can collect berries for successful completion of exercises that he can later redeem as a discount on the Premium Membership and save money

7-day money-back guarantee

The payment options in addition to PayPal and credit card, direct debit and bank transfer are available. After the completion of the Premium membership busuu customer has a 7-day money back guarantee. During this period, you can test the social language network completely to their own needs. If the User is dissatisfied with it, he may terminate and gets his money back.