Delete Assistant 2 is a program designed to help the user to delete locked by the system files from the hard disk. It often happens, the malicious software, copy, such as Trojan horses, worms, viruses or so-called dialer files to be damaging system. These files are marked as system processes and thus can not be deleted. Delete Assistant 2 is prepared for this problem and can procure this problem remedy. Apart from this function provides Delete Assistant 2 is another useful feature. It is also possible, files that are no longer needed to protect against unauthorized persons. When deleting files you no longer need to be renamed, overwritten several times with a random sequence of 0 and 1 and then permanently deleted. This process is referred to as WIPE. The program is in two languages ​​and can be translated into other languages ​​as desired. From version 2.5 a progress bar has been integrated. Moreover Delete wizard writes now, if you want a log file. This gives you a perfect overview of the course of your operation. In addition, new in version 2.5, which now entire directories can be selected, and a filtering method based on file type has been integrated. On request subdirectories be included immediately. For the most persistent KeyLogger & Co. and the file path manually can be entered.