With replacement of the old VHS tapes by HDD recorder to record television programs has become much easier. Of the TV recorder the Internet is the next step without location binding.

TV recorder on the Internet regardless of time and place

It used to be recorded TV with the VHS recorder, and it looked at if we had time. With digital video recorders that record to DVD and hard disk, tape salad was one thing of the past.

But the modern recorders are usually tied to one place: You can watch the programs only where they were recorded. In addition, the acquisition will cost a lot, apart from the current cost of electricity altogether.TV recorderConvenient it comes with an online recorder for personal TV program. The OnlineTVRecorder (OTR) download provides the TV friend internet recorder to the side, with which he can record his favorite shows and movies. Unlike a home recording device recording take at OTR server.

You choose from a variety of channels and an electronic program guide the desired program. Following the broadcast, the show is available for download. In recent years, several TV stations went to court because they saw violated their copyrights.

The TV Recorder bases its legitimacy on the right to private copying. Thus, the user must initiate the recordings and then is only this group of people available. For this, an encryption of the recording files makes.

OnlineTVRecorder: How to get the first shot

  • First, users must register with the OnlineTVRecorder. For this, a working e-mail address is necessary to which a confirmation link will be sent.

  • After the first login must be read the general instructions for operation of OTR and confirmed.TV Recorder recommendations

  • Now the program overview is displayed. On the left side appear recommendations for future programs and movies. If you move the mouse over a broadcast and the green + (plus) icon clicked, the recording is programmed. Then the icon turns into a green check mark.

  • To get targeted a shipment, the TV program is called. Search here users with date and channels in the TV program. Alternatively, to search in the Title field the name by clicking on Go! beeing confirmed.

With click My recordings in the left menu bar displays a list of scheduled recordings. Following the broadcast, the file needs to be coded. Then it is available for download.TV Recorder DownloadIf one has no TV card or any separate hardware recorder, then, the TV recorder on the Internet as a convenient way to record Simpsons, Terminator & Co.. For the recording, the computer does not need to be turned on and the programs you look comfortably even on iPad and Android devices on.

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