tax Fuchs

tax Fuchs

Of the Tax Fuchs Download is taxpayers in preparing their tax return to help. The free Web App provides information on tax Saves Ricks and sent a small fee even the final income tax return via Elster process directly to the tax office.

Tax Fuchs Download as thoughtful helpers for tax returns

The basic functions of tax Fuchs are free. With an assistant, the Web app into a kind of tax interview through the individual processing steps. In addition to the basic data of the helper captures all relevant for the calculation of tax information such as income and expenses, advertising costs or expenditure in support of third parties. Fuchs tax charged each step the expected tax burden or tax refund. In the section Tax Calculator shows control fox how the data affect the tax levies. The built-in Web App guide gives additional tax saving tips during the filling of the interview sheet.

Tax Fuchs Download

With control fox to get a user electronic Accountants in the browser. Practical: The finished tax return, you can send for a small fee directly by Elster to the tax office or make free use as a template for the acquisition of data in their own tax return.