Playing with this quiz duel cheat opponents to the wall

Playing with this quiz duel cheat opponents to the wall

This Quiz duel Cheat is as simple as it is ingenious and it works for Android and for iOS. Those who want to cheat in the rankings a few places forward, can resort to this trick!

Who remembers app and the first rounds played after downloading the quiz duel that his general knowledge but has significant gaps, can either fill (which would be recommended) or go the easy way and knock with a cheat his opponents.

Quiz duel Cheatanswer all the questions correctly the quiz duel cheat.

Quiz duel Cheat on the Android: Find it!

This quiz duel cheat is applied quickly and without consequences for players or points account. And these steps must be followed to:

  1. launch the app and start a new round quiz duel.
  2. Once the first question to be answered, the Internet connection of the smartphone to be interrupted – either you can to turn airplane mode on or off the exchange of mobile data.
  3. After you play through all the questions and remember the correct answers.
  4. Now it gets a little tricky: The data of the round played is stored on the device and must be deleted. For this, open the application manager and opens here the entry for the Quizzduell app.
  5. Here, the option is chosen to delete data and the Internet connection is established in connection with the mobile device again.
  6. In the knowledge of all the correct answers, the round can now be played completely flawlessly again.

cheating on the iPhone

The quiz duel Cheat works fine on Android devices. On the iPhone, the procedure is almost the same, but it only works for gejailbreakten devices. Who wants to expand its equipment in this way to access rights and functions can in the article: “Jailbreak iOS 9 crack iPhone 6s & read Co. “how this works. However, a jailbreak is not without risk and you should consider whether you should go there for a Quizzduell victory. All those who have such a modified device and want to use the cheat must follow steps one through six. Only five point deviates from marginal, because instead of the option data delete the cache must be emptied. Who has two independent devices available that can trick it. As reveals this video:

  So the quiz duel works Rating

But no matter whether you’re cheating on an android or iPhone: It is true that problems with the fantastic trick the high score list and impressed teammates and friends, but at the cost of an essential factor. The fun of the game is on the line! And if the enemy uses to cheat and that actual knowledge duel stunted to pointless slugfest of players. but this decision each player can make for themselves – Consequences of the provider of the App – as the blocking of the account – are certainly not to be feared.