No more advertising! Advertising block with Firefox

No more advertising! Advertising block with Firefox

Many users search the Internet using Google for the keyword "Advertising block with Firefox"Because annoying ads and can significantly increase the traffic. We show how users can quickly and easily turn off annoying ads with the Adblock Plus download!

Simply advertising block with Firefox

Firefox is one of Chrome and Microsoft Edge of the most popular web browsers. The browser is impressive not only for its speed but also offers a unique design and many useful extensions. Many commercials are even tailored to the browser. Mozilla Firefox can be expanded with numerous add-ons and plug-ins that fulfill many functions. These, it also means to block ads in Firefox.

Advertising block with FirefoxAdvertising block with Firefox and Adblock Plus

just hide annoying banner ads and promotional videos

Unfortunately an ad blocker is not present by default in the Web browser, so additional software must be installed. For this purpose, the extension Adblock Plus is perfect. The advertising block with Firefox offers many advantages. Ad blockers like Adblock Plus dazzle not only annoying banner ads and promotional videos, but also filter simultaneously unwanted pop-ups. The advertising is therefore not even downloaded. In this way, the user saves just in mobile data connections valuable traffic.

Step 1 for Advertising block with Firefox: Open extension menu

First, the extension menu must be opened in Firefox. This is done from the Tools menu under Add-ons.

Advertising Block Firefox extension menuOpen the Tools menu and point ‘add-ons’

Step 2: Select Adblock Plus and install

Links heading will be selected extensions. In the search box, the user enters the term Adblock Plus and view the corresponding results within a few seconds. Adblock Plus can now be set up with a mouse click Install in the current version on your own computer.

Advertising block with Firefox Adblock PlusInstall Adblock Plus as a browser extension

Step 3: restart the browser and select settings of the add-ons

Once the extension is installed, the browser needs to be restarted. In the settings of the extension some subtleties and details can be additionally adjusted.

Advertising block with smart filter lists

Adblock Plus is not only suitable for Firefox, but is also available for other web browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari to automatically block advertising graphics, inline frames, Java applets and Flash advertising in loading the website remove. The browser plug-in can also be used to protect tracking and malware.

A current blacklist of URLs advertising stands available to turn off already- known advertising addresses. Write the filter lists exactly in front of what should be blocked, for example, video advertising on YouTube, Facebook ads, flashy banners, pop-ups and much more. Each time the user can disable filter lists, add or even use their own lists.