Gooligan Checker

With the Gooligan Checker Download as Android malware scanner find out owners of Android devices, if you hacked Google account. The so-called "Gooligan Checker" provides a quick answer as to whether the dangerous and widespread cyber attack already at own Google account has been executed.

Gooligan Checker Download: Is my Google Account already affected?

According to the software company Check Point, which is known for its firewall and VPN products, a million Google accounts have been hacked by cyber criminals with Gooligan already more. The web app Gooligan Checker shows quickly and easily, whether one's own Google account is also affected, was attacked by hackers and could henceforth be misused for their purposes.

Smartphones and tablets become infected and Android devices rooted

As "Gooligan" is referred to the malware that infected smartphones and tablets and rootet the Android devices and Google Accounts accepts without authorization. Check Point provides a web app available as a malware scanner, so users can check by entering their email address if they are also affected by the cyber attacks.

Gooligan Checker DownloadGooligan Checker Download: The Android malware scanner reveals whether one is a victim of cyber attack.

Malware check with its own Google-mail address

The user enters the malware check on exactly that e-mail address, which he also used in the application from the Google Play Store. The Gooligan Checker checks within seconds whether you yourself become a victim of cyber criminals. Simply enter the Gmail address and click on the check button. It will also require a Captcha query. This verifies that indeed a human being uses the services of Gooligan Checkers.

Dangerous attack on Android systems

13,000 Google Accounts Gooligan be hacked every day, according to the security company Check Point. It is so far to the most serious attack on Android systems and a dangerous threat. Who are the stakeholders, should quickly take defensive measures and change their password. The Android malware masquerades as a normal app so that it is hardly noticeable. recommend security experts themself an Android device completely when it is infected by Gooligan to exclude other hazards. Many other security tools for free download are in our software catalog.