Change Snapchat Username: Is that possible? 2023

Change Snapchat Username: Is that possible?

You have logged in you ages ago with Snapchat and find your name now rather embarrassed or just not inappropriate? No problem! We show you how to rename you. But if you’re thinking “Change Snapchat Username – great, “just believe me!. Unfortunately that is not possible. But the display name can be customized. And that’s half the battle.

can the Snapchat Username change?

The photo-Messenger has thanks to its self-extinguishing news as well as the exciting filter now numerous fans. Should you still not part of the users, we place you the app to my heart. Funny conversations are guaranteed! You can watch download with us the Snapchat app for free.

Change Snapchat UsernameThe Snapchat username can not be changed – but the name displayed. You can change the name of the settings. (Picture: editorial)

Unfortunately, the development team has built no way to change the once awarded Snapchat username. If this so you go against the grain that you can partout no longer see him, you unfortunately have no other choice than to put you a new account and delete the old one. But this is connected with a whole lot of work. Finally, you must set up all new and re-add your friends etc.

But there is a little trick: Your display name, also known as Display Name, can change quite viz. And that is the name to see all your contacts. So you have to your name not ever see – and what many indeed more importantly also get displayed only your display name your friends. A possibly embarrassing username can therefore be virtually the same. Only to find new contacts need the name yet – with Snapchat currently adjusting its search and finding of users is much easier.

  Cambiar nombre de usuario Snapchat: ┬┐Es posible?

Change Display Name: Find it

Your display name is changed rapidly:

  1. Opens the Snapchat app.
  2. Taps top left to open your profile. There you will find a red gear icon at the top right. Tap on this.
  3. The settings open. Here you will find the entry Surname, right at the top. This is your display name.
  4. Tap on this and you land in a new window where you can change the display name.

Snapchat is still doing the following statement: “It therefore appears on Snapchat, seeking a name for yourself from under the you know your friends.”

Change Snapchat username Display NameJust think you from a creative new name, which is then displayed your contacts. (Picture: editorial)

Account but prefer to delete?

It annoys you that it is not possible to change the Snapchat username and you want’d rather delete your account to create a new fresh name? Then you need to access a browser. Go to the Snapchat home, looking the main menu, click learning the basics, then Account settings and select Delete your account – or simply click on this link to delete a Snapchat Acounts. There you must login you yet, but then you can transfer the account to the afterlife by re-entering of your password. This is first of all activated for 30 days and then deleted, unless you logs you again at this time.