Rail nation

Rail nation

Of the Rail Nation Download enters the abundant large footsteps of the economic simulation Railroad Tycoon. Like the legendary model you stand in this free browser game before the Herculean task to create a railroad empire almost from scratch.

Rail Nation download for simulation lovers and railway enthusiasts

Locomotives and wagons buy, lay rails, build railway stations – step by step transforms the player from Rail Nation download a sleepy backwater into a major hub on the rail network. The price of such wherewithal lands by skillful trading popular goods at the box office and will then be invested sensibly. Strategy player, simulation lovers and railway enthusiasts start their own business, take care of lucrative transport and close in societies together. The cities are growing continuously if they are supplied by the railroad tycoons with the desired goods.

Rail Nation Download

Rail Nation leads from the steam engine to the modern electric drive

Over time, the player is growing so at Rail Nation the pure carrier also in the role of the producer of the goods in. In addition, the train lovers need not last forever though to looking pretty with, but give rather underpowered steam engines, but changes initially for diesel and then electric drives. Through the ages, it is very important to always bring the most modern locomotives to rail. As the winner in the major rail dispute is a person who eventually gets the most prestige points and with their own city wins the final.

Supply and demand are calculated in real time

Rail Nation is played on a fictitious map with 50 cities and more than 1000 companies. just 50 products, from wood to cars, can be supplied from one place to another by train. In each level four different goods of a given amount to be placed on a city to collect the transport premiums. The price of the goods obtained as in real economic life of the supply and demand. The player has its own train station with several buildings that generate profits and expand the opportunities constantly. This has, for example, also affect the maximum number of engines that may own the railroad tycoon.

Rail Nation download goods

New Rail Nation scenario with competition between East and West Coast

Since May 2014 the Rail Nation Download a US scenario can be played on a real-USA map with American locomotives and a competition between the east and west coasts are fought. Each game is divided into Six build on each other eras, each lasting 14 days. Thus, taking a game round in which you explored new locomotives and expanding its railway station, around three months to complete. The final is finally discharged after the last period between the ten top-ranked cities.

Get started quickly by the helpful tutorial

Praiseworthy is the chic graphics of the strategy game. The convenient operation and a comprehensive tutorial ensure fast, easy entry. The browser game is free to play, but some features such as the fast finishing of actions on the premium currency in the game can be unlocked. This can earned, but also be purchased through a store with real money.