With the Free Windows Tuner User grants his computer once proficient in, speed it up, allowing for more space. All these features he gets through the one-click principle and do so without any prior knowledge.

The Free Windows Tuner download for a tidy computer

Of the Download Free Windows Tuner is quick, easy and provides for the appropriate installation for a faster computer with more memory. Here, the tool also comes in German on the computer, what it can still be easy to use than it already is anyway due to its intuitive operation. Thus the Free Windows Tuner is one of the simpler system cleanup tools for free download.

Free Windows Tuner download

Other features and functions of Free Windows Tuner

After installation, the user clicks on the button "Tune now" and immediately the free system cleanup tool begins with the clean up, clean up and clear out. It cleans up the system database registry and startup menu and frees the system additional ballast as the temporary files. By deleting these temporary files while creating more space and Windows speed optimized.

Intuitive use of the simple system cleanup

As already mentioned, the user starts the program after installation easy with the one-click principle on the button "Tune now", This is at the bottom right corner of the program interface. After the tool scans the computer for unnecessary files, empties the clipboard and memory, optimizes the Windows Start behavior and even emptied the trash. All these operations are listed him clearly, so he always knows what task has just been made and what has changed exactly.

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On the left side of the interface, there is a speedometer which displays the current speed of the computer and two indicators. One indicates the memory and the other disk space. Thus, the user is also well supplied with information about its storage devices. A single drawback has this one-click system, however: There are no options, the user can select something. The automatic emptying the trash could prove to be problematic because the user needs to think in advance about it constantly, whether he wants to have actually cleared him. made system cleaning in a class of simple If the computer is sometimes slower or disk space is running low, then a Download Free Windows Tuner is just right. Because this takes care of quickly and reliably around the biggest problem areas of each computer: storage space and speed. Here, the tool is through the one-click principle very easy to use and it looks still chic. For this reason, the program should be missing on any computer.