Send Halloween greetings via WhatsApp and Facebook

Send Halloween greetings via WhatsApp and Facebook

Clever sayings, scary images or shocking videos: Halloween Greetings bring fun in any case to the horror event of the year. Here gather a few ideas!

had behaved yesterday – today is scary time! If you like want to shock friends and relatives to Halloween too, no longer has to necessarily accept costume and make-up in hand. Sometimes they also extend a smartphone and the right app. For example, the Download Zombie Booth. But creepy sounds or simple images, etc. can be sent via Facebook or WhatsApp achieve the right effect.

Halloween Greetings

Halloween Greetings as shocking zombie Videos

Pumpkins, flying witches on brooms and spiders: This is the beginner’s equipment to Halloween. Who wants to shock his family and friends really really sleep, needs a bit more. Zombies are there already better suited with any zombies did not achieve the desired effect – after all, we are already quite usual in times of “28 Days Later”.

If the user, however, would now transform itself into an undead could one or the other but then temporarily stay away the air – fantastic! Without elaborate makeup and dress up users can thanks to the free Zombie Booth App turn into horrible undead.

Halloween Greetings ZombieBooth

How is average Joe User into a zombie?

All the user needs not just the app is a portrait photo. That is inserted in the app and can then transform the user into a zombie at will with various setting options. In addition, can also produce 3D video thanks to integrated animation in a jiffy. If the desired horror effects achieved, the user can save the image or video on his smartphone. Then they send Halloween greetings via Facebook or WhatsApp to his friends.

Tip: you can create with the Zombie generator also from images of pets or stuffed animals sinister undead.

Greetings for Halloween for the faint hearted

Those who believe that evoke the zombie app with his parents and friends heart attacks, the whole can also tackle two sizes smaller. Especially not just before Halloween, the time has anyone to turn or his dog in an undead. But for quick greetings there are more than enough opportunities. Finally, hundreds of videos and images that have addressed the topic of Halloween are all over the net. On YouTube you will find it in any case.

Tip: better to send such videos because of the size by e-mail.

Halloween Greetings Images

Who wants to send spooky Halloween greetings with a picture via WhatsApp or Facebook or another social network that will, among other things the right material. There the images for smartphones are already optimized. By the way: Halloween Sounds like creaking doors, ghost laughter or a stroke also generate great horror effects and greetings can be added.