FL Studio has become known as Fruity Loops. make the free download of music can be used either as an independent production studio, or links up via VST, DX or ReWire into an existing production environment. Who remembers earlier versions of Fruity Loops, can once confidently put all doubts aside. Of the FL Studio Download is a really full-blown studio with numerous cool-sounding synths, effects and Klangverbiegungsmechanismen become - if required expandable with VST plugins. There are also plug-in automation and support for external controllers from various manufacturers including MIDI Learn.

FL Studio download and installation

Of the Fruity Loops Download is not quite as slim as once with over 300 MB, which is reflected in the time that calls the FL setup. However, this is quite manageable, given the considerable functionality. Besides, the setup is quite comfortable design, it automatically migrates older but paths FL installations on request to the new version. From such a service could only dream at ollen versions.

FL Studio is installed as a plugin

The full installation brings the low-latency audio driver ASIO4All which brings users cheaper sound cards a smooth music production without croaker and firecrackers audio hardware a lot closer. In addition, the same FL Studio is installed as a plug-in on request. In this way, the fruit studio latches as VSTinstrument, DirextXinstrument or as a ReWire device, for example, Cubase, Ableton Live, or other DAW / Sequencer one.

Own music making with useful presets

When you first start FL Studio will automatically load a sample project of a very cool song, which allows a very detailed insight into the functions of music software. Beginners can start ever to dream and purely click to learning in individual parts here. Then, to produce an original song, available via file -> New From Template a number of ready templates. Although they are kept relatively simple and contain only some basic tools and interconnections, however, for a first start they are quite useful.

Random to create melodies

Who now so has no idea how it should go, found under Tools -> Riff machine a kind of random to create melodies of different kind of simplistic to Chord or arpeggiator. Melodies created in this way is then assigns any tone generator and adjusts to tune Automation & Co. at will. Sound processors and Sample shooter is connected now almost at will and on top musicians pack their heart's content filters and effects such as delay, harmonizer and vocoder.

FL Studio Download

Audio record, edit and embed

In addition to electronic sound generation of Fruity Loops Download has now grown to a rather ordinary digital audio workstation. Ready sound bites to import many current formats including ReCycle and bends them with creative tools such as Time Stretch, Tube and even a scratch function to their own taste. The supported by FL Studio Sampler and audio formats can be quite impressive: MP3, WAV, OGG, MIDI, ASIO, ASIO 2, REWIRE, REX 1 and 2, AKAI AKP (S5 / 6K, Z4, Z8), Battery (version 1), SMPC, Reason, Kurzweil, EXS24, contact (version 1 & 2) Recycle, SFZ +, SoundFont2

Built-in audio recorder and editor

In addition, an audio recorder is integrated, the edited audio recordings supplied Edison audio editor and then as an audio clip provides the song. The editor is easy to use and sees itself on the creation of regions, so that the audio of the same file in no time can be used at various points of the song. On top of that lure restoration tools such DeNoiser and DeClicker.

FL Studio Download Edison audio editor

Save finished Ergebisse and export as audio

Is a song produced finished, you store it either in the program's own format, including all automation etc. FL Studio demo stores this format from the way, but does not load it back into the program. Alternatively, a folder can be exported, which includes all the samples used in the production, etc., so scattered in multiple locations files are neatly arranged and much easier to exchange with other studios themselves. The export of MIDI files is convenient and facilitates the exchange and use of hooks from FL in other applications.

Mixdown individual tracks with FL Studio

In audio mixdown of Fruity Loops Download supports WAV, MP3 and OGG Vorbis. Although the company exports especially in complex projects not particularly spacious, but it works for this in the demo. Ergo can be carried out, export and save complete productions - "just" to edit it further is needed then just a FL Studio full version. Even the mixdown individual tracks can be realized, however, must be performed by soloing track by track. But at least.

Fruity Loops Download - creative tool with far-reaching possibilities

Since the first versions of FL Studio download is not only become a very respectable production studio for electronic music. Whether with external (MIDI) hardware or via the integrated keyboard that internal tone generators, external plugins, audio samples or new recordings, whether as stand-alone or extension to existing music software - make music with the fruit Ring Studio has long no longer limited to small-scale production ,

FL Studio presents equipment, effects and samples clearly

The handling is too early become much better in comparison, but here is still a little shortcoming of FL Studio Download - as some other programs are simply decorated a little clearer. But this problem is FLS not alone, even as Ableton Live was always nested with increasing functionality. But at least makes the FL Studio browser a really good figure, but he organizes all kinds of equipment, effects, samples, etc. in a very clear way.

Limitations of FL Studio (Fruity Loops)

The demo version provides full functionality in the production, including Save. No full charge of projects in the demo.