Merge Dragons! Tips: dragon tame easily made

Merge Dragons! Tips: dragon tame easily made

As early as the dragon fever? With these Merge Dragons! Tips and tricks do you manage it guarantees to bring order to the bustle and to free the Dragon Land of the nasty Zomblins and heal.

Merge Dragons! TipsThese Merge Dragons! Tips You come on. (Picture: Gram Games)

With Merge Dragons! Tips for Success

Since the Zomblins fell upon Dragonia, almost all dragons are gone and the country destroyed and surrounded by poisonous fog. After you have reawakened Ezra the dragon, it is up to you again to settle other pterodactyls and make their home shine in its former glory. Everything you need for this is to download the Merge Dragons! App and a few tricks. And learns your here!

Indeed, over the level the bustle on the screen is quite confusing. As you still depends points and diamonds? Merge Dragons! Tips to help you with this.

Combined, which can be combined

Your main task in the game is to combine things on the pitch. These are for a plant or eggs which give you bonuses: scurrying The more dragons on the field, the more you have of it. But it also often recur life hearts that are harvested for example, grass dragon. These hearts can use your right – or even combine. Because then they bring the same with much more healing power. The living crystals that occur naturally can you turn combine for even more healing power.

Merge Dragons! cure Tipsdead land can heal you directly by your combined with living items. (Picture: Gram Games)

You also should always try to combine as many things as possible with each other – not just three, but most equal to five. Because then you still get a Bonusitem like stars or even treasure chests on top of it and the possibility that almost the entire board can be cured in one fell swoop.

Combine Dragon: More power!

Also, your dragon can you combine when at least three of them are there. This is very helpful for the camp, because you can liberate the more land from the fog and discover.

In addition, it is worthwhile to include dead land with the combinations. Once your namely mitkombiniert Withered, the country will be cured directly, is following you.

Secures your Dragon star

You got a dragon star? Then take it with you to the camp. If you typed it directly, you gain Dragon Gems. But if you wait and combines it with other Dragon stars, you get a “Magnificent Dragon Star” – and who’s really in it.

And a pro tip at the end: There are hidden level! That said, it’s worth it just herumzutippen times outside the normal level on the map. Who knows where your lands as so …