Audiggle equips the PC with a music recognition as iPhone & Co. is known. The freeware checks at your fingertips current music and seconds later are title and artist back. In our tests Audiggle got along perfectly with current pop music, older as well as newer pieces are identified after a few moments. All you need is an ongoing piece of music and clicking on the "Search"Button in Audiggle. Whether the piece of the disc is being played or live runs in the browser, does not matter. In underground Mucke however, the music specialist must quickly throw in the towel - this music fans must then get in touch with the DJ but their confidence. This does not mean that Audiggle recognizes only pop music. In known electronic or rap songs the freeware makes just as good as with rock and pop. The most important criterion is thus a corresponding distribution of the included songs. Besides Audiggle links offered on Amazon & Co. to purchase the identified song directly bought, and many lyrics are after recognition with a click on. Easy to use and largely competent - that's how the music fans new best friend Audiggle presented. The freeware detects a variety of music song in no time. Convenient and fast.