WDS Skat

WDS Skat

Of the WDS Skat DownloadSkat brings the popular card game in digital form on the PC. This shareware Skatspiel is suitable for beginners and advanced players alike, giving the computer opponents one vote.

Skat PC play with the WDS Skat Download

Here the player between male and female versions, which make among other announcements during bidding in spoken selected. If you are not sure at this point of the card game, can be passed from computer advice from WDS Skat. The same applies to played out best card. Experienced artists pick up the card tournament mode which does not require any help. Skat with particularly felicitous output published WDS Skat also desired in an online high score on the manufacturer’s website.

WDS Skat Download

Limitations of WDS Skat

30 day trial without a tournament and billing for ten games.