With the AvERP download the user fetches an ERP application (enterprise resource planning) to the computer, which should help him in the management and planning of small to medium-sized businesses (one to 500 employees). The download is an open source and completely freeware.

The AvERP download for use in many areas

This free collection of tools used to manage and scheduling of resources such as capital, personnel, equipment, material or information systems. This means it can be used for the following areas:

  • logistics
  • production planning
  • ERP
  • project management
  • Employee management with time recording

Here is to be made an operational and efficient value-added process.

AvERP downloadAvERP Download - a tool for SMEs

What the clever AvERP so all offers and its requirements:

By AvERP download the user brings a open source software to the computer, which means that users can customize any well on their wants and needs them. In general, the tool works based on a database-client structure, which is why it is essential that for the correct work of the program, the database management system Firebird is installed on the computer. If this is not the case, adding this tool will automatically be prompted during installation. Furthermore AvERP has an interface for TAPI-enabled ISDN telephone systems as well as a practical master data management.

The document manager does a lot for its users

The layout is not very clear - and this fact is a little owed topic: There are many tables, lists and receipts, the user must fight once through. Yet who has ever worked with databases, we get along quite quickly with the program. Especially since it depends on the PC with a demo database with sample data to the user illustrate the functioning of the tool only once. For this purpose, the AvERP download course still an empty database for personal use only. This can then be claimed by the users for professional purposes.

AvERP Download Project ManagementThe field of project management is integrated with AvERP