Steam ports properly release in the firewall

Steam ports properly release in the firewall

Steam ports Set the error outdoor data exchange between the individual and the Games network secure. Open now necessary ports in the firewall!

To use the Steam download problems, the firewall must be adjusted accordingly. What Steam ports must be opened individually and how to do that is explained below.

The functions of the Steam ports

The Steam ports enable error-free connection to the service, downloading content and communication with other players. Ports are data protocols over which programs over a network to exchange data. To use all the functions of the service use, more ports are needed.

Requirements for changes to the release of the ports

To change the release of ports, you need to edit the firewall policies of the computer. Depending on the operating system, in this case the approach is different. In Windows 7 you can find the firewall in the Control Panel under the System section and security. On Linux, individual port approvals can be managed from the command line. External programs which are used as a firewall, enable to have a normally carry out the necessary changes. Furthermore, one must have administrative rights to change these settings on all systems.

So you open the necessary ports >

First, you open the software firewall management on his computer. This may be an external program, the firewall of Windows or the command line in Linux. After the firewall settings are open, it’s about finding the right ports. Steam uses the following ports:

  • UDP 12000
  • UDP 27000-27015
  • UDP 27015-27030
  • TCP 27015-27050
  • TCP 27015
  • UDP 3478
  • UPD 4379
  • UDP 4380

Using the Windows firewall and the port 3478 to be illustrated by way of example how to modify the release of a port.

After starting the software, the menu item New Rule place. This selects one and is directed to a window where you can choose which type of rule you want to install. Here you select port.

Steam ports

Now you can choose whether you want to open or close a TCP or UDP port. In 3478 there is a UDP port, so UDP is clicked. In the next line, the number 3478 is now entered as the port opening. With a hyphen, entire areas of ports can be opened and separated to each port with a semicolon, all UDP ports can be edited with a rule.

Steam ports selection

After clicking on one obtains the possibility of the firewall now to say whether this port should be opened or blocked, and allow in this case, connecting the right attitude is. Finally, you can give the rule a name, it makes sense to choose a title relating to Steam. So you can later quickly identify which program a rule belongs.

Steam release ports

Under Linux you are as an administrator following line to open UDP port 3478: iptables -I INPUT -p udp –dport 3478 –syn j ACCEPT
After all the changes have been entered, you save the entries with service iptables save.