Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel

With the Asana Rebel app should receive compensation for their hectic everyday users. The yoga app brings different workouts with video instruction for beginners and professionals. Upon completion of a subscription, the user also receives a couch with a customized to their own needs training plan.

Asana Rebel app: Professional yoga workout for your pocket

Yoga is celebrated for several years as one of the most effective sports that make the body fit and, on the other give strength to the spirit. So yoga popular in practice is as fast and courses are fully booked. Users who are not willing to commit themselves for a not inconsiderable price on a particular day, the right place for Asana Rebel. The founders Pascal Klein and Robin Pratap want to optimally integrate with the app yoga into daily life.

Asana Rebel appAsana Rebel App – Yoga for home and travel

So far the app is only available for iOS, so iPhone and iPad. assumes minimum iOS 9.0 system or younger.

Asana Yoga Rebel for free or by subscription

The yoga app is in and of itself free. However, the app offer a subscription version with extended functionality and advanced features.
We recommend: who initially wants to get a whiff in the app or just starting with yoga, should first take advantage of the free offer in any case. So a series of workouts can also be obtained without subscription. This country range between 10 and 30 minutes. There is also a video tutorial in which the posture and movements are explained in detail to each workout. In this way, it should be possible to imitate the exercises and correct.

The videos also the total time of the workout, and the progress is displayed.

Couch with training plan

Those who opt for a subscription, but actually get significantly more. An important point: the user gets the full workout options Asana Rebel app, or about 400 workouts. In the free use, it is only a fraction.

In addition, the user benefits from a couch, which created the Yoga Fan a training plan. This is matched to his knowledge, his health status or personal goals. So you can with yoga course just only strengthen his fitness or his spirit, but also weight-loss goals can be achieved.

Also, how much time you can spend on this at all, will be considered in the planning. In addition, one always gets as motivation reminder on his mobile device.