NSA spying Avira? We show alternatives.

NSA spying Avira? We show alternatives.

The Ausspäh scandal involving the major antivirus programs Avira and Kaspersky currently making the rounds. Anyone who has lost confidence in these manufacturers and Avira alternative examine please!

Actually, there is still the task of anti-virus software is to provide the users from hazards protection. But it looks like they can not even protect themselves. Avira, Kaspersky and many other big names in the antivirus industry have been spied on by the NSA and British intelligence GSHQ. We show that one drives much safer, for example, with the avast Free Antivirus Download.

Avira alternative

Ausspäh scandal demand for Avira alternative rises

Like the English news website the intercept reported new records of Edward Snowden have surfaced. These show that all antivirus programs, especially Kaspersky, were spied. The German manufacturer Avira to have been target of Ausspähaktionen. The so-called CAMBERDADA monitoring program included mainly the interception of e-mails to the manufacturer, in which new malware is named. Furthermore, there were even plans to manipulate the antivirus programs.

Objectives of Ausspäh actions

Overall, there is talk of 24 different antivirus programs that were either already spied or were on the agenda for future actions. Is in great demand of the Russian representative Kaspersky, which enjoys worldwide popularity was. As evidenced by the Snowden documents, the program has been scoured, also the monitoring of employees took place. Also Avira is mentioned in the context. However, the company denies that an attack by the government so far has succeeded.

Avira alternative espionage
Photo: Screenshot by "the intercept"

To what extent the intelligence and the users affected, has not yet been fully understood. Seemingly well license key and email addresses of the users have been intercepted. Who rely neither on the appeasement of the companies still want to take an unnecessary risk, should upgrade to a Avira alternative.

Reliable Alternatives to Avira

That the user fee must take in hand not necessarily to protect their PC from threats, the following antivirus programs show. They are all available for free download on our portal. In addition, these programs are recommended not only because of their multi-layered protection features, but also because of their good use.

(1) Avast Free Antivirus

A good alternative is the Avira Avast Free Antivirus Download. The traditional program is available (formerly known as ALWIL Software) since 1988 and comes from the Prague Pavel developers Baudi and Eduard Kucera. The tool equips the user against viruses, worms, spyware, rootkits and other pests. The avast antivirus program also comes with security mechanisms for chat and peer-to-peer applications beside local real-time protection. Overall, the tool has eight different security modules, plus anti-spyware and rootkit protection. The tool is therefore not only reliable, but also free for personal use.

Avira Alternative avast

(2) AVG Anti-Virus Free

A not so good Avira alternative is AVG Anti-Virus Free program. The tool brings home users a worry-free protection package on the home computer. The antivirus software do to combat viruses, worms, spyware, Trojans. Moreover, not only PC, but also storage media for viruses be examined. Some of the main tasks of the AVG program:

  • Monitoring of data streams in real time
  • Threats found will be quarantined
  • Scans email and it contained links in real time
  • Protects passwords and sensitive data
  • Will update regularly virus signatures

Avira Alternative AVG

(3) G DATA antivirus

The third representative also is an antivirus solution that also offers online protection. The program knows the threats from the network and denied them access to the system. The program is closely monitoring the traffic and protects the user as well as chatting. Moreover, in this Avira alternative, a bank guard to protect online banking and keyloggers on board.

Avira Alternative G DATA