Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3

At the Just Cause 3 Download the player is in the role of US agent Rico Rodriguez again demolition tour, leaving behind a trail of destruction behind them. Of course, all without having to feel guilty because the explosive concept serves a good purpose yes – the dismantling of the dictatorship of the tyrant General Di Ravello in the fictional Mediterranean State Medici and his plans for world domination. The Just Cause 3 release from 01/12/2015 Available for Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but as USK18 game in this country only for adults.

Just Cause 3 download with huge arsenal of the hero

Evil dictator has the super-explosive Bavarium and therefore represents a serious threat to world peace. In order to fulfill its mission and to free his homeland and compatriots, the heavily armed hero has on his trip to the sunny Mediterranean island a huge arsenal of weapons, equipment and vehicles, and requires, among other grappling hook and hang one sent. Above all, it’s all about to spread chaos in a creative as possible and explosive way to overthrow the ruthless dictator General Di Ravello. Rico needed while neither hiding nor cover, but is unstoppable and determined before as a human demolition ball. Who is he in his way, is simply rolled over and flattened!

Just Cause 3 Download

Grappling hook, wingsuit and parachute as important parts in Rico equipment

An important role is played by Rico’s grappling hook, which takes place on any surface grip. With this he pirates vehicles or moves flinging by parachute and wingsuit continued. A few tethers satisfy Rico to knot the world around them and to create a chain of creative destruction with the grappling hook. In the third part of the Just Cause series besides, numerous new opportunities that has been added. For example, can now also turn watchtowers by car bombs-spin or shatter helicopter on the ground.

Another essential part in Rico’s equipment is the wingsuit, with whom he sail through the air and di Ravello can attack forces from above. Of course, a parachute can not miss to attack enemy precisely from the air with his arsenal of weapons. He can carry up to three weapons with its Universal Gun Rack, which he uses any time, whether in freefall or on the wing of a fighter jet.

Just Cause 3 Download Wingsuit

Just Cause 3 release includes three island regions with very different landscape

The sun-drenched Mediterranean island Medici 3 Download a lot to offer as a combat zone in Just Cause. The developers of the game Factory Avalanche Studios have make every effort to give the three island regions their own style and culture. The insula Fonte region is a more rural area with a focus on agriculture, whereas in the insula Dracon region alongside some classical ruins and picturesque fishing villages and numerous oil-mining towers dominate the landscape and provide fuel for the war machine Medicis. Here Rico’s attacks are expected to be particularly explosive. The insula striate region finally with di Ravello luxury homes and many Bavarium mines is particularly well guarded by the dictator, Other action games are available in our extensive games offering for free download.