The kids' version of the free OpenOffice equips young talent with a specially adapted office suite. So the kids have their own word processing, spreadsheet, presentation software and a drawing program. Where gray icons and menus make it difficult to work for young activists PC unnecessary, the free office suite OOo4Kids makes office use for PC users Primary Age sympathetic with stripped-menus, fresh colors and built-in templates and fonts. OOo4Kids includes the components Writer, Calc, Impress and Draw: The word processor Writer is used to create documents, reports, newsletters and brochures. Pictures and diagrams can thereby be easily inserted into documents. Writer can also be used to develop web content and publish. Calc is a spreadsheet with various tools to perform sophisticated data analysis. In addition to the data analysis and processing and 2D and 3D charts can be created using the built-in charting tools. With Impress you can quickly and effectively to create multimedia presentations. The presentations can be customized with special effects, animation, and drawing tools. however, draw created any form of subscription - from simple diagrams to dynamic 3D illustrations and special effects. OOo4Kids brings the young, the use of office applications closer. The colorful surface together with prepared templates and fonts is definitely suitable for children. For prospective adjustments while the Great should ran - here was largely unnecessary adjustments.