Annoying pimples, unruly hair and to also to make up forgotten? With the Facetune Android Application can be from any snapshot or selfie, he has become humble, put a glossy fashion magazine Portrait.

Flawless Faces with Facetune Android application

In times of selfies where users constantly publish photos of themselves on Facebook and Co. or replace experiences with friends via WhatsApp, it would be not bad but to be able to always show the best side. With the app Facetune no problem. shot with a smartphone photos can be processed quickly and impressively. For this, the clever photo editing app will be useful tools for retouching and removing unwanted blemishes. Not only the next profile pictures will attract attention, possibly saving Facetune also the next visit to the photographer. However, there is not the beautification set free, the download of the app costs 3.99 euros.

Facetune AndroidFacetune Android as clever image editing app (Image: Light Ricks Ltd.)

Huge range of features in Facetune

remove skin impurities, make red eyes and gray hair disappear? All this can be accomplished with the Android app in no time. But this is only the beginning, who wants his face can aufhübschen so that it would fit in a fashion magazine. The following tools are available for the transformation on board:

The perfect smile: With the Facetune Android application not only discolored teeth can brighten that are bright white then. The smile can be increased and thus come to the fore also.

Facetune Android ToolsThe Facetune app makes photographed faces more beautiful. (Image: Light Ricks Ltd.)

Smooth skin: Skin can be in the app of impurities such as pimples, scars and blackheads liberated, even unsightly dark circles or crow's feet can be removed. Thus, the skin becomes smoother and younger.

Shining eyes: Eyes can be highlighted and easily speak to make "eye-catcher". Even unwanted red eyes disappear with just a few hand movements. If necessary, the eye color can also be changed completely.

The hair is: Neither receding hairline, other bald spots or gray hairs are a problem for the Facetune app. Also highlights that fall out of character, can be put in place.

Facial surgeries and Josh: Although this is a risk at the end of his own ego no longer visible: you can cheekbones and eyebrows to emphasize changing the shape of the nose or tinkering at the jaw line. Who wants to shock his friends times, enlarged or minimized certain image areas and transformed his portrait into a water head or alien.

Subsequent Makeup: This feature is particularly interesting for female users. If necessary, blush, lipstick or eye shadow can be applied. In addition, the lashes can visually enlarge.

optimize image quality: Far away from the face-tuning functions, the user can also use typical image editing tools: set rotate, mirror, focus, improve lighting conditions, create filters or insert frames.

Facetune Android FiltersSubsequent makeup with Facetune (Image: Light Ricks Ltd.)

Handling of functions for image processing

The positives of the app is also simultaneously a shortcoming. The Facetune Android application comes with countless tutorials on the smartphone. Thus, the user is indeed a comprehensive introduction to the use of the tools. However, the instructions confuse something, because the navigation is not so easy there. the overview is quickly lost.

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