Wetterfroschi brings in what promises to be the green reptile in conjunction with weather data to the desktop. With nice animations freeware displays the weather forecast for almost every major town on the globe. The free Wetterfroschi does not require installation on Windows. In the settings you will select the location for the virtual Quaker is to display the weather information. The gadget can be placed anywhere on the Windows desktop. If you float the cursor over the viewport, the freeware displays brief information of the current weather. Detailed weather information reveals the free Wetterfroschi click. If you want, the weather widget will automatically start with the operating system and calls for an adjustable time interval latest weather information from the Internet. Compared to Windows tool Wetterfroschi offers no real value. The cute frog animations and intuitive operating concept should nevertheless ensure that the virtual weatherman found on many desktops a comfortable home.