Roster Editor

Roster Editor

Of the Roster Editor Download offers extensive functions for scheduling classes and services. The shareware manages up to 99 employees per department, that is also quite used in larger companies.

Roster Editor Download with automated guided working time accounts

The graphical interface of the roster editor presents itself cleaned up in the form of a table whose cells to assign an individual work tasks with one click. A set of predefined service categories such as early, late or night shifts as well as vacation or sick time to support this HR managers. These categories are not suitable for their own companies, they can be adapted easily. The operation of the roster editor follows closely on Excel, so long Einarbeitszeiten likely to be unnecessary.

In terms of representation roster editor Microsoft is like spreadsheet. the roster editor is complemented by automatic guided working time accounts. In addition, it has the valid for one’s own state holidays to click. but this also can be adapted to give the shareware suitable for use in Austria or Switzerland.

Roster Editor Download

Limitations of roster Editor

In the trial in the expression a watermark appears when exiting the program, an information box appears.