Document 2 DXF and G-Code

Of the Document 2 DXF and G-Code Download converts text from TrueType fonts or single-line fonts to import into CAD programs. In addition, the demonstration of letters converted for output to vinyl cutters or milling machines. So that the program is best suited for plotting and milling of fonts for signs or engravings. In our download catalog, there are a variety of programs from the category CAD freeware to download. CAD software, the English computer-aided design - computer-aided designing to German - facilitates the work in different occupations, the architect on the Civil to mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and dental technology.

Document 2 DXF and G-Code Download facilitates the exchange of data

Due to the system can not be transferred more complete information when exchanging data. Pure drawing elements represent nowadays though hardly a problem, but the exchange of writings, hatching, dimensions and other complex structures it behaves more problematic. The reason: There is no standard for it. Most software uses its own file format, which does not make the data exchange between different programs. Nevertheless, there are approaches to standardization. As a data exchange format for drawings and for archiving documents, the DXF format the world market leader Autodesk is commonly used today. Also, the document 2 DXF and G-Code Download converts, as it suggests the product name, different fonts in the DXF format, such as TrueType fonts or single-line fonts, for example for plotting and milling of font for signage or engravings.

Document 2 DXF and G-Code Download

specified DXF format from Autodesk

The specified by the US software company Autodesk file format DXF, full name Drawing Interchange File Format, has been integrated to the CAD data exchange in the CAD program AutoCAD. The DXF format was originally performed next to the DWG format to allow an external interpretable data exchange between AutoCAD systems. However, the DXF format has its limitations. So fonts, for example, not fully supported, and the export is often not clear which fonts are stored on the target system. Hatches are preparing now and then similar problems and dimensions can also be transmitted only insufficient, as there are many standards for formatting.

store logos directly as G-Code

With the Font 2 DXF and G-code download you can save the writing produced not only as a DXF file, but also directly as G code. The operation is very simple. The user only needs to enter the text, select a font, and then "Save as DXF file" for example, to click. The text is then stored as a polygon with sectors in the DXF file. The integrated font editor also allows you to convert single line fonts based on TrueType fonts. User-friendly font converter for CAD programs and advertising technology The user-friendly operation Download logos are the signature 2 DXF and G-code created quickly and easily and can be saved as a DXF file or directly as a G-code, for example for plotting and milling of Scripture for signs and engravings. Since version 3.1, the program may also order text along an arc, and in Designer mode different text objects can be created with different fonts. However, the demo version is very limited.

Limitations of Document 2 DXF and G-Code

Exports only the lettering Demo