With Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation, Microsoft provides the most powerful version of its latest operating system for testing purposes ready. Although the targeted Free Download Windows 8.1 primarily for administrators, businesses and similar professional users, but is a fine thing for the home user to take a preliminary look at the recent Windows.

Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation Download: Trial of the most powerful Win 8.1 version

The differences between the Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation Download and the imaginary home users Win 8.1 are to be found among others in the field of access rights and remote connection. Among the interesting for Otto Normalnutzer extensions to the enterprise edition but one above all the comparatively light-footed Create a portable operating system on specially certified USB memory devices, which - though not quite so simple - can carry tools with other downloads from the system, which can be found in our software catalog.

Simplified remote access via the Internet

Furthermore, in the Enterprise version of Windows 8.1 using DirectAccess remote access via the Internet to central computers also without a separate VPN software like Hamachi and similar tools possible. This is mainly for company's advantage that for example, have several branches or employees work in the field, since it can be accessed from remote locations easily to data.

DirectAccess also facilitates administration via remote access

In the opposite direction makes it easier DirectAccess administrators, connected via remote cable manage computer. this concerns Remote maintenance and installation both and updating programs and apps. Companies that use specially developed apps on the networked computers, they can manage so independently from the Windows Store within their system.

download and test the newest Windows version

Even the look of the home screen can be influenced on each PC. If desired, can be displayed as on any computer immediately after booting the same, particularly important for everyday apps, programs or documents.

BranchCache ensures higher speed WAN networks

As a clever approach for more work rate turns out to be a feature called BranchCache, for Windows Server 2012 must be in the game. To be called from a computer file, or web page, this feature if not a copy of the corresponding data exists on a faster PC connected and opens the 'yes' case this file checks. Especially for large files this tool can certainly bring a noticeable speed increase in WAN networks.

Various options for administering networked computers

As expected, already presented the significantly expanded the admin area of ​​the Enterprise Edition compared to regular Windows 8.1 edition. This applies, for example, the prevention of the Installation of new programs and Apps by individual users or entire groups of users. Even the call of certain risky known file formats can be limited in this way or completely block and increase data security.

Also in combination with Windows Server 2012 Windows expands 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation Download options and capabilities of virtual desktops, which are operated with the RDP protocol. Both WAN as over LAN networking can here now also devices with touch-screen operated, 3D graphics reproduced and USB peripherals be controlled.

Windows 8.1 installation without a registration key

In the download section features the Download the Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition, moreover, in both 32- and 64-bit versions. both are as ISO images for download ready to be either burned only on DVD and then installed or alternatively placed in a virtual machine. Regardless of which of the two versions one chooses, a registry key is not required for the installation, but only the free registration with a Microsoft account. Who has such a not yet set up, for standing the links also in the download area. As a trial makes sense, but no activation by the end of the trial period possible A small hook holds the uncomplicated for Microsoft ratios registering the free trial version of Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition for its users but ready: After The end of the 90-day trial period can the Shareware not turn into a functioning full version, Here then is a new installation in the house. Otherwise there are against the Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition is actually nothing wrong with what has not already been introduced against the previous Windows 8th

Limitations of Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation

90-day trial period Free Windows Live login required