Cancel Flixbus Thus shall it be going on the ticket

Cancel Flixbus Thus shall it be going on the ticket

The travel plans have changed all of a sudden? Who his ticket Cancel Flixbus want, can do so without problems. Whether you get back his money and how it works – read here!

The Fernbusunternehmen offers daily around 10,000 direct connections in this country and in Europe. Not only due to its reliability and its good price-performance ratio, the supplier is so popular. The booking and management of tickets is extremely user-friendly – especially about downloading the app Flixbus.

Cancel Flixbuscancel a ticket at Flixbus is easily possible

Cancel ticket at Flixbus and rebook

If you want to cancel a ticket, because you can not begin your trip, Flixbus offers various options. However, can not be paid out in full price you look. Below, we’ll talk more about the conditions and procedures for cancellation and amendment.

Cancel ticket: What’s important?

First of all: Cancellations at Flixbus are generally possible. Who wants to cancel free of charge, but gets “only” a voucher in the amount of the purchased tickets for other trips. so the money can not simply be paid out. All important facts about the cancellation at a glance:

By when?: Fortunately, users can very short notice and spontaneously cancel their ticket at Flixbus. Up to 15 minutes before departure of the bus, this can be done.

Where?The cancellation can be made either through a travel agent or ticket shop or you logs in online.

Flixbus cancel onlinemake cancellation of tickets online

VoucherThe credit is valid for 12 months, after this the voucher. It can be used for one or more trips until the sum is used up.

exception: Excluded from cancellations tickets that have already been purchased with a coupon. Who cancels such trips must accept that the reservation expires.

refund: A refund is not completely ruled out, but it has its price. When paying 15 euros per passenger will be charged as a cancellation fee. For small trips you should avoid paying dear and take the credit, little else is left at the end.

Rebooking of Flixbus rides

Those who want to rebook the same on another trip when canceling goes as follows:

  • First, the user should cross-check whether the Alternative drive is still available.
  • Then he can the ticket – Making of Flixbus – either at the travel agency, at a ticket shop or online. Who wants to do this online, go to this page. He indicates reservation number and email or name. Now select the appropriate drive and confirm the operation.

Flixbus cancel Loginspecify for cancellation confirmation number and e-mail

  • The user then receives a credit
  • This can be used for rebooking. Finally, the user receives a new booking confirmation with a new booking number. If the ticket price is lower, the balance is maintained as a credit and can be used for the next ticket purchase. If the credit is lower, the user must pay extra the difference.