WinAce was raised in a series of classic zip programs such as WinZip, and Co. The shareware convinced this equally by high speed and compression ratios. WinAce also unpacks all common archive formats and links up on request in the context menu of Windows Explorer. Thanks to this feature, the functions of the packer by clicking the right mouse button directly from the file manager can be reached. For this WinAce also includes the self-extracting alternative to their regular file archives. This SFX unpack packages also without an installed compression program simply by double-clicking. Rounding out the Winzip alternative by direct mail delivery of archives. WinAce also comes in two license versions on the computer. The user can commercially available as shareware or use as so-called adware packer either. In this case, the use of the packer is free, it is eingeblenet advertising in the program interface.

Limitations of WinAce

30 day trial