Warcraft 3

The Warcraft computer game series is one of the most famous in the genre of real time strategy games. Since the first version of 1994 over time numerous sequels were released. The third part, that Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, one of the most popular among them. It is the first game of the manufacturer which uses three-dimensional graphics, and is available both as Warcraft 3 download as also available on CD-ROM.

Forefather of real-time strategy games playing for Warcraft 3 download

The Warcraft series counts as it were the forebears of the real-time strategy games. This is a genre in which the participating gamers perform their actions simultaneously. The focus is often the strategic and economic act against another player and the game actions are for all players in an evenly running time, so in real time, simulated. Apart from Warcraft 3 download in our download area you can still download many other strategy games for free.

Warcraft 3 download

Playmaking of Warcraft 3

In the first introductory chapter of Warcraft 3 Prince Arthas of Lordaeron against the known from previous versions Warcraft Orcs and other opponents fighting. Overall, it is important to survive five so-called chapters of increasing difficulty. The fourth chapter, for example, is about the people of the orcs that gets to do it with the native population and as well as a civil war while it builds up on the wild continent of Kalimdor a new home. The last chapter elves leaders and other figures ally with the humans and orcs to crush the ruler of the demons.

Warcraft 3 Download Screenshot

Night Elves and Undead newly introduced in gaming world

New features from the previous versions of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness, two completely new and independent peoples, namely the undead and night elves. This allows the manufacturer Blizzard Entertainment has put the focus even more on the heroic figures.

adapt to the worlds Editor Warcraft 3

In addition, Warcraft 3 is the first game of the manufacturer with 3D graphics. In addition, however, the player gets to the Warcraft 3 download a free world editor for the Blizzard Entertainment does not support provides. This worlds Editor, players can build their own worlds and even edit existing worlds and modify the strategy game by.

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