At the Gesprächsnotiz Tool Download is it is a simple Excel tool that can be very well used to capture meeting notes quickly and easily directly in the spreadsheet and manage. In this way, the user can make, for example, during a call quickly your own notes, adjust this in hindsight, print or delete from the list of saved notes.

Each time quick notes with the Gesprächsnotiz Tool Download

An Excel spreadsheet for recording memos initially appears somewhat unusual. Rather, one would expect a text editor or word processor for such purposes. Since the notes can also be managed using the Excel tool and deleted, but Excel is suitable as a basis quite well. Who has not installed MS Excel, can use as replacements an Excel compatible spreadsheet application like OpenOffice. Macros must thereby be enabled to easily own record meeting notes and save to.

Gesprächsnotiz Tool Download

Individual notes can be printed out and delete

Those who want to hold a call log, click under the witty Thinking Cap illustration on the New Phone Message. Other buttons below serve to refresh the view, open the detail view, print the note or delete individual notes again.

Gesprächsnotiz tool maintains note number and subject

In the bottom bar tab can be seen for three spreadsheets. Under My memos can be seen in each case the currently selected note. Interesting is the detailed view. Here, the user can read the assigned call log number and subject to each stored note. Also, information on customer number or customer, participants and date are recorded on request. The issues themselves are not changed at this point, but on the Edit button. Finally, there is a pressure mask that covers all the important information of the call log and also provides space for handwritten notes available. Those looking for more free Excel tools, will find in our extensive download offer.

Gesprächsnotiz Tool Download Management

hold brainstorms and notes Of course, there are numerous ways to hold even without Excel's own brainwaves and notes during a call. The Gesprächsnotiz Tool Download appears for this purpose at first somewhat awkward. Those who have permanently open MS Excel anyway, the spreadsheet can also make use of the same for the storage and management of call notes.