This freeware is specifically designed for users who frequently have to do with great audio, which consist of several songs. Of the CUE Splitter Download is able to extract all the individual tracks of large files. The program supports a majority of the popular audio formats like MP3, FLAC, OGG or WMA.

Download CUE Splitter for splitting audio files

With audio files in which there are several titles, rare, at least the "normal users" in touch. However, this type of audio file is often the case with live recordings. For example, if multiple sets of a classical concert will be recorded, so as not to interrupt the musician. Or you can run as long as the recording until the perfect version of a song in the box. Users who come to the embarrassment to accurately separate these complete recordings or other bundled music collections, getting here the solution to their problem. The CUE Splitter download is compared to many other audio & Video programs, a small tool that, as its name suggests, only fulfilled this function. The splitter can split large audio files that consist of several tracks, into its component parts. Since the tool for this performs neither decoding nor recoding, this task is done very quickly. The only requirement is for the software to work properly, the presence of cue sheets.

CUE Splitter Download

Audio Tool required for splitting Cuesheets

So-called cue sheets are text files with metadata of audio, which specify how tracks are to be read in a CD. Among other things, the data artist and title may be or track length and total playing time. They often occur in MP3, WAV or BIN files. Useful metadata is especially when it comes to burning and listening to live sessions in which all tracks bundled in a file are. These data are necessary for the freeware to be able to separate the file. If the Cuesheets missing, there are various portals where you can search for it.

Easy working with the CUE Splitter

The download of the CUE Splitter running quickly and easily. The same applies to the installation of the tool. When you first start the software, the user opens a clearly structured surface. The main window shows in the top menu bar for all the essentials, including a still empty table in which the separate tracks are visualized.

CUE Splitter Download surface

the user wants to separate a large music file, only the cue file and then the music file to be opened. Then click on "Split" and specify a target location, the rest is done by the tool. Gradually, the individual tracks are now listed and numbered in the table. Thanks to existing Cuesheet all information such as artist, title and length can be listed. The splitter is easily understood with the following audio file formats: WAV, MP3, FLAC, APE, OGG, WMA, MPC, WV and TTA.

Special features and options of the Audio Tools

The tool not only supports countless formats in its work, thanks batch function multiple CUE files can be split at a time. The program is also to be able to recognize, hidden tracks and sub-indexes. In addition, different tag types as ID3v1, ID3v2 or Lyrics are supported. In addition, the CUE Splitter allows to edit all the meta information subsequently.

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