Of the Theses Download grabs writing and publications for elementary school on the computer. The shareware can be used directly in almost any standard Windows application after installation.

Theses Download: OpenType fonts specifically for elementary school students

The shareware theses relies on a small program supplied, which remains active in the background and the compounds of script fonts as you type in the word processor produces immediately. The advantage is that you will continue to operate in the usual word processing and can already see as you type, how the finished document will look. Any printer in Windows can be used. Included are Lateinische-, Vereinfachte- and school output document and those documents.

Theses DownloadTheses Download with writing and publications for elementary school (Photo: Will Software GmbH / Editorial)

Theses as a system of rulings and swing exercises

This is not a package of individual fonts, but a whole system of headings with rulings, swinging circles, Arrow letters and symbols that fit together and can be used together. The theses download includes the script fonts LA, VA, SAS and pamphlets and body type. All fonts can also be used as an outline, dotted and fat. The letter groups and ligatures are made automatically by the OpenType features when writing.

OpenType features as a basis

Supported applications, according to Microsoft Word version 2010, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and QuarkXPress and any other applications that come with the OpenType Features cope. OpenType is a cross-platform font file format. Those who use other word processing programs, the fonts can also use the TrueType format.

Fonts can be connected and used in part connected

The compounds of the script fonts automatically takes the shareware before writing or formatting of existing texts. For this need the Advanced tab title advance the settings ligatures, old style figures and context variants be enabled. The ligatures allow to writing writings related letter combinations, for example, a "tz" or a "St", The base font can be used both in capitals and (in part) connected.

Theses download links Fonts for teachers with many individual variations (Picture: Will Software GmbH / Editorial)

Targeted formatting with various ligatures

With enhanced font functions and versions of letters can be selected and a word be specifically implemented in the desired font, such as connected or as part associated font. Formatting with various ligatures within a text addition, the compounds are specifically varied according to desire.

Theses Download rulingsSix different style sets are available. (Picture: Will Software GmbH / Editorial)

Theses has rulings with multiple style sets on board

The rulings are in Font - enabled Enhanced by selecting the style sets. Here the user has made the selection six different style Sets (Baseline, 2 lines, upper and lower lines, 4 lines, outline, Lineatur A) as well as increased underlined baseline. However, not every font contains all the rulings. For example, Lineatur A is only used for the VA. Other tools for teachers are available for free download in our software catalog.

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