For young and old: Only this weekend Postbank attracts at happy hour for a free account, including a rich starting bonus. Here, not only save students and trainees in addition any fees.

Free checking account with starting bonus

As part of its Happy Hour action Postbank rewarded all account openings with a financial injection in the amount of pleasant 100, - Euro. Who is a student or trainee and over 22 years old, is charged on top of that not a cent for account management - regardless of the monthly payment. But even after the training and study time account management is still free of charge at monthly cash receipt of at least 1,000 euros.

Here's how to free checking account with starting bonus

  • Sign up Sunday evening between daily 19 and 21 o'clock about these website for at Postbank checking account.

  • Fill in the online application form and go with the documents and the PostIdent coupon into a branch of Deutsche Post. There you have to legitimize with the identity card.

  • The welcome gift in the amount of 100 euros will be paid on the 35th calendar week. postbank action july 2012 FW + SW NL banner 590x315