Who wants to be more than time, should the All-time atomic time download to grab. With the small simple tool are brought out the time on the millisecond to the PC. The atomic time is determined by so-called world time institutions. In Germany, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) is responsible for the correct determination of the time. The 1,991 put into operation cesium atomic clock CS2 in Braunschweig is responsible for the so-called statutory timing and compares both all radio watches as well as the all-time atomic time.

With the all-time atomic time download the perfect time synchronization

Atomic clocks are also known as primary clocks, because they give the time more closely than other watches. They are like the ultimate in timekeeping. For comparison, the average wristwatch has a time difference of about one second per day. An atomic clock goes after a period of 20 million years by one second before or after. At least the so-called Caesum fountain, as well as the CS2 in Braunschweig, after the tool all-time atomic time adjust the system clock on Windows.

Installation and Use

To keep the time of his PC always on the accurate status, one simply follows the all-time atomic time download the Installation Manager. The program automatically determines an icon on the home screen. Clicking on it and already the system time is set according to the atomic clock of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig. In addition, the only 103 KB small tool provides a time-alignment after startup. In previous versions, this setting had to be laboriously configured via self-entry. To match the time errors, the software needs - at least briefly - to connect to the Internet. In the event that there is no power available during the program or system start, the start time alignment can also be delayed at the request. Since it takes a while usually until after a Windows Start the Internet connection is available, the automatic calibration starts after the system starts with a time delay of three minutes.

All-time atomic time download

Exact time with a mouse click

If users want to adjust in between the time a double-sufficient on the icon of the tool. This opens a dialog box with the question of whether the system time should be corrected. After successful correction this is confirmed by pointing out that the system time has been successfully corrected. The slim tool provides users next to change the time manually option. If you want, for example, the time presented five minutes is also the - not quite make sense - but still possible.

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