Of the HDCleaner download offers a powerful free tuning tool for Windows with a versatile tuning tool box and a comfortable one-click optimization.

HDCleaner Download as clever tuning toolbox to the Windows PC

The classic of the tuning tools is back after years with a completely revised version: With the HDCleaner Download Windows users clean your hard drive of unnecessary temporary files. In addition, the Windows Registry Cleaner can be optimized with the registry and the user has, among others, an encryption utility and a Uninstall Manager at hand.

HDCleaner downloadHDCleaner Download as extensive, free tuning tool for Windows (Picture: Kurt Zimmermann)

Reliable system maintenance at no cost

HDCleaner serves as a tool for the complete cleaning of the Windows PC and provides a fairly extensive collection of programs for system maintenance for free. The freeware cleared out hard drives, cleans the registry, encrypts data and deletes user tracks of all kinds. In addition, the tuning Collection offers the ability to back up the Windows registry and defragment completely.

Trace Destructor, Registry Cleaner & Spy function

A Trace Destructor is helping to erase online Internet tracks and traces of applications of all kinds. The registry cleaner cleans up the Windows registry, and eliminates errors. In addition, unnecessary services can be disabled, resulting in an increase of system resources and memory. Practically, the option to search for duplicate files that waste unnecessary space. A AntiSpy function provides increased security by allowing settings are disabled in Windows, which would like to contact the Internet independently.

Complete backup and restore the registry

With DirToHTML to contents of a selected directory can be output as an HTML file and backup & Restore is used to complete backup and restore the registry. A DLL Cleaner frees the system from unnecessary and old DLL files and backup Hive is active in securing and restoring the registry. In addition, the user can download after HDCleaner create system restore points and edit irrevocably remove files and folders from hard disk overwrite free space and completely erase partitions or drive.

HDCleaner download toolsBulging collection tuning and cleaning tools (Picture: Kurt Zimmermann)

automatically perform multiple optimization steps

Practically, the one-click optimization that accepts all major clean-up and optimization tasks with a single click: clean registry, destroy private data, delete temporary files, defragment registry, looking hard disk errors and optimize the system startup. Several optimization steps are performed automatically in this way, which make for a clear and reliable Windows system. It supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.