Record book Pro takes apprentices from a lot of manual work in guiding their qualifications. The Shareware is suitable for five to seven-day working week, supports text blocks and sent the documents by email. Since record book Pro if necessary creates multiple users and managed, it is ideal for use by more than one trainee. The respective master data records refer to relevant information such as the name of the apprentice and the training operation, including addresses and the competent instructor. Those who value a personalized training certificate, adjusts its visual appearance using a layout designer. So can be combined with record book Pro, for example, the company logo insert operation and make further adjustments. The core of the record book but Pro is the recording of the training content. Here, the helper not only limited to written evidence, but created explanatory drawings or imported images. the administrator of text modules, which eliminates some example for frequently recurring content of typing proves to be useful. Ready reports brings record book Pro directly to paper or export them as PDF. This sent the trainee if needed directly from the program via email.

Limitations of record book Pro

The manufacturer does not have the limitations of the trial version.