Calculation steel I-beam

Calculation steel I-beam

At the Calculation of steel I-beams Download says the program name quasi itself. The specialized computer calculates values ​​such as the Deflection and edge loading also known as the double T-beam of steel profiles.

Calculation of steel I-beams Download: steel beams calculate for professionals

These values ​​calculated the freeware according to the manufacturer on the basis of the Austrian standard B4200. To what extent this Austrian standardization for the calculate steel girders applies in German lands, unfortunately, the knowledge of the editorial escapes. calculated as the basis of his work to sag requires structural analysis software, some figures.

Calculation of steel I-beams DownloadCalculation of steel I-beams Download: Calculates bending and tension (Picture: Walter Wagner / Editorial)

specify modulus and vehicle type

These include, as the span of the carrier, Sigma permitted in kp / cm², q load in kg / m, in kgm torque, moment of resistance in cm³ and total moment of resistance in cm³ per carrier. More information is provided on the number of I-beams and the moment of inertia in cm4. After entering all parameters to Sigma, span, load as a DC load or moment, the structural analysis program calculates the required moment of resistance. It continues with the I-type carriers. Here are the following options:

  • Narrow I-beam I series
  • Means width I-beam IPE
  • Normal series IPB HEB
  • Light series IPBL HEA
  • Increased number IPBv HEM

select concrete steel I-beams from a list

Depending on the vehicle type, the user ultimately selects still from the concrete I-beams. In the medium-wide I-carrier number, for example, there are nine different variants of IPE-140 (Wx 77.30 cm3 10) to IPE 330 (Wx 713,00 cm3 18). Clicking on recalculating the static values ​​of the I-beam display.

manually copy files into the Data folder

There is no installation routine available. The two files ITRAGER.EXE and ITRAEGER.DAT have in the folder c by hand: copy / data. If the structural analysis software is run from a different directory, it will not run correctly. What is needed is a Windows 32-bit system. On 64-bit systems, the program does not start. Other programs for area "construction & craft" You will find in our download area.

Calculation of steel I-beams Download StatikDeflection and edge loading of the double T-carrier calculate (Picture: Walter Wagner / Editorial)

Analysis software for calculating the deflection

Based on the information provided by the calculation of steel I-beams Download determined both the existing deflection and statistical values ​​of the steel sections.

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