How to settings of Secure Thunderbird can be described in the following tutorial. Try it now and worry-free Email! Mozilla Thunderbird is in addition to the paid software from Microsoft one of the most popular and most frequently used e-mail programs. Of functions and system stability forth the program of Microsoft competition in nothing stands by. And: Unlike Outlook Thunderbird is for free. Who has not the free open source email client, you can download the latest version of Thunderbird for free.

Thunderbird secure with MozBackup - Here's how

For various reasons, it is advisable to back up data and settings from Thunderbird. Not least, the email client is used as a feed reader, news reader and XMPP, IRC and Twitter client. The fuse is particularly helpful when, for example, installed a new operating system or want to rebuild the computer completely. Without the backup, all settings will be lost and all feeds would subscribe again, spam filters are again newly furnished, uswusf. Use the following step-by-step guide you can backup your data and settings without a lot of time. Secure Thunderbird So you can backup Thunderbird settings 1&# 46; Download MozBackup - StepTo back up the settings easily, the software MozBackup recommends. You can download the e-mail tool to free. 2&# 46; Setting auxiliary program - StepAfter downloading MozBackup is first initiated the establishment of MozBackup, by double-clicking on the EXE file of the e-mail tools. We then continue with the "Next" 3&# 46; Step - agree DisclaimersWell even the license agreement must, as the "License Agreement" to be confirmed by clicking the "I Agree". 4&# 46; Set location and perform installation over - step: Over the further installation of MozBackup one must still specify a location. If you have chosen this place, the installation will be completed by clicking on "Finish". 5&# 46; Start MozBackup - Step: Normally, the auxiliary program starts automatically after the first installation. If so, for what ever reason, not happen, or in the event that you want to perform the backup Thunderbird at a later time, you can start MozBackup by double clicking on the program icon on the desktop. 6&# 46; Step - "Operation type" select and complete backup: In the course you have to select the "Operation type". To back up Thunderbird, the point is set at "Backuo a profile". In the list below to select the "Mozilla Thunderbird" option with one click. If the email client to be backed up, still be open, it must be terminated. Only then can you secure the Thunderbird profile. Later in the program even more different backup details queries. This can be determined by placing or removing check marks. Finally, you can save the data and settings. Thunderbird secure profile selection We recommend storing the backup on a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. From there you can import the Thunderbird settings to a new operating system. tip: With the auxiliary program MozBackup can secure not only Thunderbird, but also bookmarks, browser Mozilla Firefox add-ons and other settings.