for less experienced computer users offers a real food diary with simple operation nutrinote Download. The Ernährungsratgeber facilitates keeping a diet protocol and helps with automatic nutritional calculations and many analyzes when diet and diet.

nutrinote download with integrated food list

A calorie or nutrient traffic and many graphics for BMI, weight and nutrients are integrated as well as a nutritional table with over 10,000 food items. The user can also enter notes for each day. It can be installed on a USB stick and nutrinote be so taken to the office. Due to the new animation can be browsed in the electronic food diary of nutrinote like in a real book. For those who find the font on the computer is too small, also can be extended the entire surface. The calories burned through physical activities and sports can be calculated and included in the calorie traffic light.

The consumption figures from shopping to sports are integrated into the software. In addition, as the calorie values ​​displayed from the exercise bike can be entered with the nutrinote as many custom data. The integrated food list can also be expanded with its own food. In addition, recipes and meals can be entered and evaluated. In addition to the calorie values ​​134 additional nutrients are included in the Premium version, including bread units for diabetics and fructose, lactose and much more for people with food intolerances. The evaluations of nutrinote also show, for whatever food the most calories or certain nutrients originate. So the hidden fats and calories bombs can identified in the diet and the diet be carried out targeted.

nutrinote Download

Limitations of nutrinote

Few demo entries in the food database, new entries can not be added.