The principle behind dailyme TV is very clever: The user is looking for his favorite series, TV movies or programs out there and the app will automatically load the program down in the WLAN. so that the user enjoys his TV program when and where he wants!

dailyme TV brings favorite shows legally on smartphone

The classic TV is in its last breaths. Many users enjoy their movies, series and programs only through the Internet. In addition, the video consumption, is among the most popular activities when traveling with public transport. Among Internet TV and streaming offerings, however, some frolicking not so legitimate sources. Who wants to behave law-abiding, does not always necessarily go without good offer.

dailyme TV

This is also the dailyme app: it provides the user the most popular TV channels such as ZDF, Arte, sixx, ProSieben, Sat.1, Sport1, etc. are available - and all completely legal. Users can consume the TV highlights when and where they want - in the train, in bed, at lunchtime or in the waiting room.The app is available for iOS, Windows, as well as Amazon App available for Androids. To the latter is in the holiday download.

Large supply in the dailyme app

The app provides the user provides the best known and most popular German television stations. So you can choose from over 600 programs, TV shows, series and hit movies, including select some in English. Fans of shows like The Biggest Looser, Germany's Next Top Model and Circus Halli Galli also be able to find such series junkies.

On the home page highlights various stations are displayed. but the user can also navigate through the channels or be inspired by the top programs. About the search you can also directly find his favorite.

dailyme TV stations

How the TV App

Programs that you like, you now grabs over the switching button on the Watch List. The app will now load on the WLAN, the corresponding program automatically shut. dailyme also indicates how many episodes are available. Whenever a new episode to come, they will also be automatically downloaded. The user is notified of the new content, which is 3-4 days usually available. If you click on the show you can see all loaded consequences listed. A click on Play it also plays as of yet - no Internet.

Smart features for flexible television

Of course, the user can also forward in the broadcasts and rewind. Moreover dailyme TV comes with a sleep function. Who likes to watch still in bed one of his favorite episodes, yet also constantly falls asleep, no problem. If the sleep timer is activated, the device automatically switches off.With the off button allows for throwing out the watch list a program with all its consequences in an instant, even the automatic loading of new episodes will not be continued.