The XMediaGrabber used for planning, execution and processing of TV and radio recordings with a Dreambox, DBox, Reelbox and other compatible VDR receivers. Several receivers in networks can be controlled with the program and managed. The recording timer can be created from different sources, for example from the Premiere Movie Guide, tvbrowser, TVGenial, via the Internet with the XMediaGrabber web interface or automatically from an individually created your wishlist. In combination with a CleverEPG Abonement recordings can be scheduled up to 14 days in advance. CleverEPG offers a large selection of movies for about 100 channels with detailed information and reviews. An integrated FTP client allows you to transfer recordings from external hard drives and their direct converting part while recording. It is also possible playback of the current program can be expanded XMediaGrabber by various plugins.

Limitations of XMediaGrabber

In the test version are three shots, each over 30 minutes possible and a playback time of 45 minutes.