Outlook Backup Assistant creates a complete backup of all relevant data from Outlook up to version 2013. Instead of focusing so all the necessary files to gather up laboriously, it secures with the freeware simply with a few clicks. Outlook stores its data in different, difficult to reach places in the entire Windows system. Here, the exact locations and formats differ depending on the office, or Windows version. All data selected for backup are combined in a common backup file is encrypted with AES256 on request. Thanks to an included Outlook Addon secure way, even during operation. Files contained in the backup is the built-in backup viewer already before the restoration. The Restoration of data is done just as quickly and easily as the backup. The free version of Outlook Backup Assistant safeguards in comparison to the paid Pro version slower restricts the data compression and also not allow the saving of all data the same time - several steps are necessary. Nevertheless, it ensures still better than collecting all the files by hand along with the freeware.

Limitations of Outlook Backup Assistant

Lower speed. Pro version creates smaller backup files. Limitation of each backup detectable data.