Viber is in Germany a relatively less common VoIP software. Wrongly, if you who Viber App look more closely. The installation on the smartphone is not only very quickly and easily by hand, otherwise the yet-outsider has everything you expect from a modern messenger and VoIP software. If the software is only one on the phone on it, so users can do more than just text messages to send to other Viber users.

Viber app for smartphones & Co.

Available is the Viber app for Android smartphones, but also for other mobile operating systems such as iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Bada and others. For operating systems on the desktop PC, the free Internet telephony software is also available. And: Unlike many other free Messenger and VoIP software vendors no separate account is required to use the Viber app. Viber users simply use the existing phone number.

Viber App

install Viber Android on the phone

The installation of the Viber app on android goes so quickly and easily by hand as the download and installation of many other Android apps. Simply click the download link, and free phone calls to other users of the Viber community go. Calls to regular landline or mobile phone network, so-called out-calls, however, are chargeable. For this, the text messages are again free of charge. In addition, can be sent free of charge to the service with photos, videos and voice messages. Also a video chat feature is included in the latest version. A prerequisite for use is only an Internet connection. Wi-Fi is recommended, but HSDPA is also sufficient in most cases.

Viber App Android

Messenger app was acquired by Rakuten

Viber or the Viber app designed for Android smartphones from Talmon Marco, who studied computer science and management at the University of Tel Aviv. At the beginning paid switching software has been licensed for the service. However, after the company Global IP Solutions acquired by Google and their software has been released as free software, Viber moved on this license-free software stack. Beginning of 2014 was the Viber Media S.à R.L. eventually taken over by the Japanese company Rakuten, one of the ten largest Internet companies in the world. By his own admission had Viber worldwide in the first quarter of 2014 over 100 million users. IP telephony application with sound features The features of the Viber app can hold a candle to the top dogs Skype and WhatsApp well. In terms of platform independence of the Messenger service WhatsApp is even superior because Viber is available not only for (Android) smartphones, but as an app for desktop systems, from Windows to Mac to Linux. The remaining offer is roughly comparable to the competitor: free app, free sending text messages, photos, videos etc. within the community and paid out-calls. Viber Android is installed in a very short time and in comparison with so many competitors the advantage that you do must not create a separate account. In this way, other callers find much easier. Interesting articles about Viber is available here:

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