Of the Hamster Free Video Converter Download convert movies almost all currently popular file formats. For this, the freeware requires only three steps. First, the user selects the desired clip.

Videos convert the Hamster Free Video Converter Download

This operation is done with Hamster Free Video Converter either by drag&Drop; or by searching its favored directories. In a small preview window, the converter provides a preview of the selected clip, plus there is some information on technical details such as the video and audio compression. In the second step, you select the output format. Here Hamster Free Video Converter engages the user with a number of predefined profiles for popular players such as iPhone, PSP and some other under the arms.

Hamster Free Video Converter Download

Adjust quality for audio and video

Who wants to lend a hand with the quality settings themselves, can affect the quality of audio and video separately with sliders. Finally enough, another click, and the converter gets to work. On request Hamster Free Video Converter fits in the course of converting the pixel dimensions of the clips to user-defined. Other tools for editing does not offer the hamster though, this tool shines with its ease of use.