Hitbase manage your music collection from A-Z. listen to music and manage load covers and song information from the Internet or create your own, create playlists and burn CDs are on the menu. Whether you just listen to music, or if you want to grab MP3s into a playlist and burn Hitbase is the right partner. In addition, song and CD information for previously saved or newly ripped CDs from the Internet automatically loaded the same is true for covers and booklets, and lyrics. The optionally display during playback, and can cover the way themselves are also designed in the integrated editor. The administration is comfortable and offers convenient features such as 3D playlists, statistics or export the music collection as an HTML catalog or Word document. During playback, a wish can invest in one holds what songs you still want to play the same. Because the built-in pre-listening function (pre-listen) makes it possible during pre-listen the song plays, another - if a second sound card output is available. So Hitbase is also still the same for Partybeschaller. Who often lends music, will have a lot of fun with the built Rental Manager Hitbase. The summit recognized the hire date of pieces of silver and recalls forgotten returns. So the collection is really complete.

Limitations of Hitbase

30 day trial