Christmas Calendar

Christmas Calendar

With the Christmas Calendar Download tinker creative people own advent calendar from PDF documents. In the pre-Christmas Advent are known to be in high demand. Every day you may thereby open another door and get a little surprise. We present the appropriate templates for Advent tinker!

Christmas Calendar Download: Reduces waiting time until Christmas Eve

A Christmas calendar shows the days remaining until Christmas Eve on December 24 and heard in predominantly Christian countries for Customs in the Advent season since the 19th century. The first Advent were intended as Zählhilfe. The very first homemade advent calendar dates back to 1851. Whereas Advent, which relate to the church year, cover the whole of Advent, so start on the first Sunday of Advent, start the modern calendar Advent until December 1, and ends on Christmas Eve. Like the traditional Advent wreath is to be increased with the Christmas calendar, the anticipation of Christmas Eve and especially for children often unbearable long waiting time can be shortened up to Christmas.

Christmas Calendar Download

Christmas motifs are seen when opening the door

There are many different Christmas calendar. Children usually will particularly one filled with chocolate, other sweets or even small toys Advent. In the traditional calendars of the door you can see beautiful Christmas motifs with which the inside is printed when opened. Our Christmas Calendar Download calendar for offers such Selberbasteln. Two PDF templates are included in the ZIP file, which you can make a very special creative gift loved ones with some skill.

Christmas Calendar Download crafts

Advent tinker with small boxes for chocolate & Co.

The ADVENT1.PDF file shows the front of the calendar with the door, whereas ADVENT2.PDF contains the images behind the door. If these two bills printed, cut out the door and laid up the Christmas calendar is already finished. Who tinker still at Advent invest a little more time and chocolate, candy or small toy want in the calendar, build a box for the calendar. Some skill is required until the Christmas calendar is ready, but it’s worth it! First one glued cardboard a frame which corresponds exactly to the extent of the printed calendar. the hobbyist also placed in cardboard boxes small mini which ultimately receive the surprises at the location of 24 doors. Who takes them out, behind sees the Christmas motif.

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