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With a major coup succeeded the development team of the same name. Now there are using the app an extension to the social media music app that all users – regardless of whether they use the predecessor or not – possible to record live streams and send them to a wide Followerschaft. apprecord live streams is incredibly easy doable with the app.

Live streams of app

Users of Periscope or Facebook Live is actually known function – still providing the live stream app from the house of some great features. You can register primarily with his account.

As a standalone program that app are also users of Facebook or Twitter the opportunity to sign up and create their own streams. Originally the service but was intended as a shortcut to Because the users of the app, called "Muser" can the clips produced there – stored with music recordings of themselves – only take offline within the app and share in the internal community. With the app can now be recorded directly and send live online stream to a much wider Followerschaft clips – and look right here or in the sister app. app LoginYou can quickly be connected via or another social network with the community and can get started with the streaming.

Very simple handling

you do not set much after installation and registration. kept simple, the surface and you can immediately start recording. To this are his mission simply a title and then tapping on the big red dot on the screen. The camera is already activated at this moment, which can be seen on the screen. As soon as you live, there is the possibility to invite friends from other social media about a male with plus sign. play recorded music as in the sister app can be at not so simple – that you have when making wanted externally.

At the same users can view the currently running stream directly from the app – because it is shared where every other stream is displayed – on the overview screen. To achieve this is via the small colored dot next to the record button. Here you can enter directly into other recordings and distribute hearts Likes leave or chat.

The more the heart and likes a stream has, the higher it rises in popularity ranking and he is higher up to see the overview page.
can leave and finish it streams the way, always on the X button in the upper left corner. Unlike there are, incidentally, is no time limit to 15 seconds.

See App other streamsExciting track of current live streams of other users worldwide.

Be careful when creating the streams

Users of the app should definitely think the fact that everything you record is sent directly live. so it can be changed later or undo anything. Accordingly, no private data should be mentioned. However, can "Musers"So create users, individual streams and share them with selected friends.

The app has been available for some time for iOS devices through the App Store. But meanwhile Android users can enjoy the live stream service. Those who do not really want to go live, but will still create videos with your phone or PC, can look around among free video apps and programs in our Download Catalog and there down the app.

Otherwise: just try it! Maybe then you will be as famous as the stars in our gallery at some point with

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The biggest

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