MHS Transfer

MHS Transfer

With the MHS Transfer Download users manage their bank accounts easily in a database from which a mouse click, the addressee can be removed easily.

MHS Transfer download including self remittance mode

Your own bank account may already be entered on request by default in any form. Amount information is added automatically transfer at MHS (e.g. "34" to "34,00"). For companies that want their customers create clean printed transfer forms for faster, in addition is the mode proper transfer available. By pressing a button the Einzahler- and the recipient database are swapped, so that the bank accounts of the customers are comfortable as Enter a depositor.

MHS transfer printed as well as all standard A4-transfer forms for German domestic transfers easily and professionally. Because all fields of the remittance slip can be placed anywhere on the printout, the helper fit almost any template. Also included is a routing number database of the German Bundesbank, in the search for the right bank and can be automatically upon request in the input. In the download section to MHS Transfer is also available in two different versions. V2.x is aimed at users who operate payment transactions with foreign countries and accordingly use the SEPA payment procedures. Those looking for more forms to free download, will find in our extensive software catalog.

MHS Transfer Download

Limitations of MHS Transfer

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